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Welcome Catherine Baseball!

Welcome Catherine Baseball! The French math-rock quatuor is about to release their new LP “Time Bends”. Introduced to us by our dear friends from Saka Čost we took part in that co-production of this incredible LP with many great labels, Saka Čost, Araki Records, Urgence Disk Records, Sleepless Owl Records & Seaside Suicide Records. First single arrives soon and the full album will be released on the 6th of October!

In the meantime you can listen to their latest album and pre-order the LP.

Pre-order “Time Bends”

Listen to Catherine Baseball

“What could be better than time to assimilate and be proud of your roots? Catherine Baseball proves it with their 4th and new record “TIME BENDS” coming straight from the decade that saw their birth, the 90’s. 9 tracks precisely and conscientiously composed. Every chorus hits you like a football anthem while the guitar walls have grown several inches thicker. Put three decades of punk rock, add a hint of Buckley, mix it with three touches of math rock, filter out what could have remained boring: here you have it, a perfectly explosive album to start the decade.”

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