The Cellar Frequencies is out!

Hi folks!
We are extremely excited to officially announce our collaboration with Cellar Door – Pedals & Stuff. From this collaboration a pedal effect was born, the Cellar Frequencies. It is a vintage-style germanium fuzz, going from fat and creamy saturation to a light bluesy overdrive.

Only 20 copies are available for 110€ apiece, it’s a very limited edition! To get yours you can write to us directly at We also put some copies on our website If sold out, do not hesitate to ask us (at if we still have some copies available

Watch the demo:

A huge thanks to our friend Mat from Cellar Door for the hours spent on the creation of the pedal and for assembling those 20 pedals! Thanks to him for giving the sale benefits to Stellar Frequencies to support our roster and the local scene. A warm hug to Alexis from Chaleur Tournante for playing the guitar on the video. Big up to the Basement for allowing us to make noise at their bar and shoot the video there. At Stellar, the pedal design was made by Cédric, and Joan directed the video.

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