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Release day – Wormsand

Happy release day Wormsand! “Shapeless Mass” is out today! Listen to Shapeless Mass here We are proud to present our second release of 2021 and we thank Wormsand, Saka Cost and Poutrasseau Records for their trust. We did a lot of work on this cassette release and we are really happy with the result….

NEWS | Wormsand

Welcome Wormsand!

[en]Welcome Wormsand! South of France-based Wormsand have joined the Stellar Frequencies family! Formed in 2018 by Julien Coppo, Clément Mozzone and Tom Valstar, the band has quickly laid down the characteristics of their sound: massive slow rhythms, interspersed with more ethereal moments backed by singing alternating between the harsh vocals of Julien, and the more…

NEWS | Pam Risourié

Welcome Pam Risourié

[en]Welcome Pam Risourié! Paris-based Pam Risourié have joined the Stellar Frequencies family! Supported by its three guitars, the Parisians’ shoegaze moves away from the twilight dreampop of Noctessa to incorporate cold-wave and post-rock elements, while exploiting the sonic heritage of the 90’s in favor of a more contemporary aesthetic. They are coming with “So Be…

NEWS | RELEASE | Unknow Fault

Release day – unknown fault

[EN] Français plus basHappy release day unknown fault! “fabric” is out today and we are so happy to share it with you. Thanks for the support you have been showing since last Friday! Listen to fabric here : The album premiere is planned on WherePostRockDwells Youtube Channel at 8PM CEST, come to meet us,…

NEWS | Unknow Fault

Welcome unknown fault!

[en]Welcome unknown fault! Hamburg-based unknown fault have joined the Stellar Frequencies family. We discovered them earlier this year with their first demo. Their music and their DIY ethic represent exactly the artistic direction we want Stellar Frequencies to take. They are coming with an EP to be released in January. We will announce more real…