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Pre-order VOLAVERUNT by Bank Myna

Hey people!Only one week before the release of 𝐕𝐎𝐋𝐀𝐕𝐄𝐑𝐔𝐍𝐓 by Bank Myna. Today pre-orders are open for vinyls and cassettes! • Pre-order on vinyl :• Pre-order on cassette:• Pre-order on Bandcamp: We can’t wait to unveil that incredible debut album. See you next friday!


Live session #2 – QOYA

Hey folks!As previously announced, today we will share with you our second live session featuring QOYA. The band distills a gloomy post-punk with doom vibes among the old stones of this little chapel called Nôtre-Dame-de-L’Eau. This will be a live release on our Youtube channel with the possibility to chat with the band so feel…

Bank Myna | NEWS

Welcome Bank Myna!

Welcome Bank Myna! The Paris-based band has joined Stellar Frequencies with an upcoming debut album called “VOLAVERUNT” coming in February 2022. Bank Myna is the architect of a unique universe where dark post-rock, drone, sonic experiments and doom-like incursions mingle. With mystical vocals and dronian soundscapes, Bank Myna’s music is made up of free structures…


The Cellar Frequencies is out!

Hi folks!We are extremely excited to officially announce our collaboration with Cellar Door – Pedals & Stuff. From this collaboration a pedal effect was born, the Cellar Frequencies. It is a vintage-style germanium fuzz, going from fat and creamy saturation to a light bluesy overdrive. Only 20 copies are available for 110€ apiece, it’s a…

Catherine Baseball | NEWS

Welcome Catherine Baseball!

Welcome Catherine Baseball! The French math-rock quatuor is about to release their new LP “Time Bends”. Introduced to us by our dear friends from Saka Čost we took part in that co-production of this incredible LP with many great labels, Saka Čost, Araki Records, Urgence Disk Records, Sleepless Owl Records & Seaside Suicide Records. First…

Cindy Doe | NEWS | RELEASE

Happy release day Cindy Doe!

Happy release day Cindy Doe! Her first album ‘A Thousand Dreams That Would Awake Me’ is out! “’A Thousand Dreams That Would Awake Me’ is intended as a tortured and raw sonic exploration of addiction, mental illness, trauma, and love. It follows a dream-like progression, twisting and winding in a semi-fragmented fashion. It moves…

Alpha du Centaure | NEWS | RELEASE


[EN]Hi everyone! Next week Alpha du Centaure’s ‘Paralysis’ will turn one! For this special occasion we have planned many things! First we have a 20% reduction code on Bandcamp for each merch related to the band. Use the code PARALYSIS1 to get that 20% off from today to the 11th of September. We have…

Cindy Doe | NEWS

Welcome Cindy Doe

We are happy to announce that Cindy Doe is joining the Stellar Frequencies family for her upcoming release. This will be our first co-production with our friends of Spleencore Records. For that occasion we pooled our skills to make a very limited edition cassette of her first album called ‘A Thousand Dreams That Would Awake…