Air Hunger | RELEASE

Happy release day Air Hunger!

Happy release day Air hunger ! “F-I-X-E-R” is out on cassette today! Listen to the album here : This exclusive edition comes with a new artwork with photos and collages by the talented Monika Kmita. We are so proud of this collaboration and thankful to Air Hunger for his trust on this release. We…

Pam Risourié | RELEASE

Happy release day Pam Risourié!

[en] Happy release day Pam Risourié! “So Be It, Eternity” is out today! Listen to the EP : “So Be It, Eternity is a reflection on the sustainability of the  things that surround us and those that inhabit us. While it is true that almost everything passes, from  relationships to feelings, from hopes to illusions, some…

Air Hunger | NEWS

Welcome Air Hunger!

Welcome Air Hunger! Wrocław-based Air Hunger has joined the Stellar Frequencies family! We discovered him on Bandcamp with his incredible debut album F-I-X-E-R. Air Hunger is the solo project of Dawid Schindler from Love Glove and Torn Shore. Entirely recorded on iphone, F-I-X-E-R has Lo-Fi vibes from distant dreams, somewhere between Lo-Fi Doom, Dream Pop…

Alpha du Centaure | NEWS

Soudain le vide – NOON remix

We are happy to announce that the collaborative project Paralysis: Variations is finally coming out. Alpha du Centaure asked several solo artists and a duo from different horizons in order to rearrange the tracks from their album Paralysis. The result goes beyond their expectations. These six variations feel like independent tracks with a life of…

NEWS | RELEASE | Wormsand

Release day – Wormsand

Happy release day Wormsand! “Shapeless Mass” is out today! Listen to Shapeless Mass here We are proud to present our second release of 2021 and we thank Wormsand, Saka Cost and Poutrasseau Records for their trust. We did a lot of work on this cassette release and we are really happy with the result….

Lunation Fall | NEWS | RELEASE

Lunation Fall – New single « Sweet Misery »

We are so proud to announce the upcoming release of NEAR from Lunation Fall! You can listen to their first single “Sweet Misery” here:’s also available on streaming platforms: NEAR will be released on the 16th of April. We made a bunch of cassettes in a milky blue style for the occasion, first…