Pam Risourié | RELEASE

Happy release day Pam Risourié!

Happy release day Pam Risourié! “So Be It, Eternity” is out today!

Listen to the EP :

“So Be It, Eternity is a reflection on the sustainability of the  things that surround us and those that inhabit us. 
While it is true that almost everything passes, from  relationships to feelings, from hopes to illusions, some dreams  remain imprinted in our limbs, leaving sometimes  imperishable marks, charred stones, ruins of eternity, among  the running oblivion endlessly poured by the seconds. 
So Be It, Eternity is a gaze of acceptance toward the horizon  that circles us, toward the star that extends us, toward  memories that stand the test of time.”

Cassette is available on Stellar Frequencies :

Vinyl will be available soon via Lofish Records & Araki Records (FR), Pyrrhic Victory Recordings (US) & Engineer Records (UK). 

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