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Saton – ni’in – LP


Saton – ni’in

Coproduction with Shove Records, Yoyodyne Records and fresh outbreak satón is proud to present it’s second studio material “ni’in”. produced in its entirety by the band, mixed and mastered by Miguel Méndez at Carne Débil (Cali, Colombia). Artwork by: MUDØ
Satón works with a diy philosophy throughout the production of this new album.
ni’in: a word that originates from a mexican indigenous language meaning “to find oneself”; a word with a strong meaning that unifies the various feelings and sensations throught the album, from “Ver Desvanecer” that sings about the feeling of lacking personal success, to “Qomata” that speaks about the acceptance of oneself in a chaotic yet beautiful manner; a constant and long path to define yourself and ourselves as a musical contingent.
The production like the songs, the songs like the times we’re living, the times we’re living like “ni’in”, they confront us, they redefine ourselves and put us on the way towards a clearer phase for Satón.

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