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Etnah – S/T – Cassette


Etnah – Etnah
Limited edition cassette
Pink & white marbling with splatters
30 copies available


Etnah, a collaborative solo project, delves into the creation of music that evokes a hauntingly ethereal and atmospheric ambiance, while also embracing lush cinematic elements. Drawing inspiration from post-rock, ambient, and experimental genres, the project cultivates a diverse and dynamic sound. Its name pays homage to the forceful energy of a volcano and its ancestral origins, serving as a testament to the project’s powerful sonic dynamics and artistic vision.

Driving with a compelling fusion of precision and passion, the debut five-track EP from Germany based creative project Etnah delivers the blissful embrace of finely-crafted and captivating sonic experiences.

Etnah is at its core a solo project, but it embraces a profoundly collaborative approach. Within the multi-layered collection, each piece showcases a unique ensemble of international musicians alongside the founding artist, including a cellist, a violinist, two trumpet players, a singer, and more. This collaborative layout contributes to the distinctive character and artistic depth found in each arrangement.

The EP was produced and mixed by Nikita Kamprad (Der Weg einer Freiheit), who also contributed intriguing synth-play. Birgir Jón Birgisson known for his work with Bjork, Sigur Rós, Alcest and other esteemed artists mastered the EP in Iceland at the Sundlaugin Studio. To complement the music visually, the talented Hummelgrafik captured striking cover photos and crafted an engaging layout, enhancing the multidimensional experience.

Blending qualities of post-rock design with thoughtful presentation, the deeply-moving 5-track EP from Etnah depicts a composer and surrounding ensemble of musicians unrivaled in their devotion to the cause.”

❤️ For fans of: Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Sigur Rós, Portishead, Boards of Canada, This Will Destroy You

01. Within Cycles
02. Shells
03. Ashes
04. Roll on
05. Waridi

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